Wizzcash Review

Wizzcash Review

Wizzcash is a relatively new company in the loans sector. Their website and platform has an unique approach and has many practical uses. They lend loans ranging from £300 to £1000. The duration for loan is rather short and should be cleared over 3 months.

This company is registered in England and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  They are located at: 4th Floor, 7 Chandos Street, London, W1G 9DQ, United Kingdom. Contact email address is: [email protected], and their phone number is: 020 3740 7273. Official Website is: https://wizzcash.com.

Wizzcash Review

This firm is a typical money lender. The users can choose the amount of loan they want, and the repayment duration is 3 months. To know the exact amount you need to pay for every installment, you should use the loan calculator tool featured on their website which is a very intuitive.

The APR rate is 1265%. For those of you who does not know how exactly the interest rates should be calculated. Here is an example. 

Let us assume that an individual takes a loan of £300 and the duration is 90 days. He or she will have to make 3 equal payment of £151.42 which brings the total amount to £454. For majority of people payday loan service will seem like a scam because of the seemingly outrageous interest rates.

However, know that these organisations are authorized by FCA. So, you do not have any concerns regarding the way they operate. In order to be eligible for loans, all the candidates have to produce certain documents. This firm will check the credit score, employment details and conduct an affordability stress test before they process your application. Once you are deemed as eligible, your loan will be sanctioned.

Another interesting aspect of this service is that there are not only a direct lender, but also a broker. To know how they function and the way they are structured, continue reading our full review.

WizzCash Loans Review
WizzCash Loans Review

Wizzcash Complaints

All the firms will face complaints at certain point. After all, it is impossible to function without some sort of hiccups. If you come across anything which you find unjust, then contact the support team of this firm. The contact details are as follows; for complaints only – [email protected].

After receiving a final response from the firm, if you still feel unsatisfied, then you can raise your complaint to Financial Ombudsman service. They will hear your plea and decide on further actions.


Wizzcash is a one of a kind service. If your application gets rejected, then also you might stand a chance of getting the loan processed. Wondering How? This firm redirects all the applicants who got rejected to a panel of consumer credit companies, wherein the loan duration lasts between 1 month to 36 months.

Moreover, the number of positive comments regarding this organisation is something which will instill a lot of confidence among the takers. To conclude, we can say that this firm will help you get over that little cash crunch you might experience occasionally.

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