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Sunny is an FCA regulated short term lender that has been in business since 2013. They are now out of business!

Sunny is owned and operated by Elevate Credit International Limited, and located at: Lion Court, 25 Procter Street, London, WC1V 6NY, United Kingdom. Contact phone number is: 0800 7315 444, Customer service email address is: [email protected]. Official Website:

Sunny Payday Loans

When reviewing this lender we see that they are offering loans in size from £100 – £2500. The monthly interest rate ranges from 10.5% – 24%, and the loan duration is from 6 months – 14 months.

One of the reasons why many people believe that short term loans and payday loans are a scam, is because they do not understand monthly interest rates. When borrowing for a short term lender, the rate you see is for each month. When you open a savings / current account, the interest rate shown by the bank, is the annual equivalent rate.

If we break it down simply, it works like this:

Borrower: Hi, Can I borrow £1000 for a month?

Lender: Sure, But I am charging you 24% interest.

Borrower: That is great. So how much will I have to pay you back in 30 days?

Lender: £1240

A 6 month loan of £200 from Sunny comes with an actual interest rate of 292%.

Sunny Payday Lender

Sunny Loan Complaints

The Scam Lender Investigator reviews Payday and Short Term Lenders to see if the lender is a legitimate company or a scam lender.

The one thing that we look for is a valid license from a government regulators like the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). When borrowing from an FCA authorised firm, you can usually be assured that the company is not some fly by night online fraud. In the event that you have a complaint, you will be able to utilize the Financial Ombudsman service to help you resolve the complaint, see here.

Sunny is an legitimate lender, authorized by FCA with reference number: 673771. For complaints you can contact: Mark Din at +44 07824113462, or Email: [email protected].

Compare Short Term / Payday Loans

When comparing your choice of lenders, there are a few things to consider. Various firms offer loans of different amounts, duration, interest rates and requirements of the borrower. Some companies require you to have a job, and others will not lend to people with a history of bankruptcy.

Watch out for companies that request up front fee’s before lending you the money. If you did a “quick application” on a website that is not a direct lender you will start receiving phone calls from random companies offering their service. Never give out your information over the phone, and always verify the website of the lender you are using.

Are you an existing client of this lender? Please share with other potential borrowers your experience in the comments section below.