Hard Money Lenders

After meeting with multiple bankers and getting rejected for a loan because your business actually needs money. You will hear a recommendation to find a hard money lender. There are many hard money lenders to choose from. The key is finding the right one. Look for a hard money lender that is familiar with your … Read more

Start Up Business Loans

“You will never get a loan for your start up business.” Sounds pretty harsh but that is the reality. Banks do not lend money for start up businesses. They will waste your time telling you that they do. They will ask for all kinds of information, financial projections, business plans, individual financial statements. And at … Read more

Why Small Business Loan Interest Rates Are So High

Why is the Interest Rate on Small Business Loan Rates So High? There is an old adage in banking called the three C’s of banking. Character, Capital, & Capacity. What is the Character of the business asking for the loan? Is the business established? What industry is the business in? What Capital does the business … Read more

Beware of Business Cash Advances

When the Rothschilds invented banking back in the 1800’s they did something that had never been done before. They loaned money to the government to fund a war. The business of lenders giving out loans that are called Cash Advances or a Business Cash Advance has also been around for hundreds of years. It is … Read more