Idea’s For Marketing Your Store

An air dancer is also a great way to make peoples head turn. They come in all shapes and sizes and you can even get them customized to your product. People driving by your small business will eventually get use to it, so maybe only use it only every other week.Marketing Ideas For Store

Restaurants always forget that they have the easiest product to market. A clothing store cannot give out sample sweaters but a restaurant can give out food samples.

I was in the food court of a local mall and there was a man standing behind the counter offering samples to people walking by. I proposed taking it to the next level. Load up a tray with samples and walk around the mall offering them to shoppers.

The aroma, plus the taste of the samples will stir up the appetites of customers that never planned on eating dinner there.

Restaurants also need to give out samples of other menu items to their diners. When we walk into a restaurant, we are not about to spend twenty dollars trying something new. Most people order what they know they will like. You need to train your waiters to listen to what the customer wants to taste and then get them a sample of it.

Show off your products outside your store. People walking and driving by will see what you have, without having to walk inside. If you have a great product they will come in and buy it.

If you are a jewelry store I understand your hesitation but what about a picture. It doesn’t cost that much to print a large picture of your newest piece of jewelry to hang in the window.

Offering a free service is the easiest way to get people into your store. If you are a jewelry store, have your repair man do easy repairs free of charge. The customer will browse the store while they wait. If you are a photo shop, print one of their pictures as an 8 x 10 and give it to them for free. They will tell all of their friends what you did.

Take deliveries through your front door. Customers will see new products going in and they will see that there is movement at your store. If you are the type of store that gets only a few customers a day, then it is important for people passing by to see activity outside your store.

Promotional items are wonderful when they are given to people outside your store. Find a nice cheap functional product, it could even be a pen, and order 500 of them. Then give them out to anyone and everyone where ever you are. Make magnets and stick them in every elevator your walk into. You should leave your company pens on the counter every time you buy something. This way, the next person that steals the cashiers’ pen will be stealing your pen!

People love getting promotional items; you just need to start giving them out to strangers instead of just customers.

When it comes to advertising, you must be able to gauge the results of your ad campaign. The way to gauge results is by checking your sales report. How many more sales did you do while the campaign was running? It doesn’t matter if you mom saw your ad in the newspaper, it doesn’t matter how highly recommended the graphic designer who designed that ad was. What does matter is: did the ad, did the promotional, did the gimmick, produce more sales!